About The Photographer

I was born and raised in the City of New York, attended Pratt Institute School of Art, Design and Engineering. I moved to Cave Creek Arizona in 1998

I have been involved with photography for over 30 years. Since I retired in 1998 Ihave been working more seriously with digital and mixed - medium.

All of my work is digitally processed by me using various techniques. Some of the techniques I developed emulate painting. I do this using Corel Painter with various Bristle, Fan, Sargent and other brush's. Other techniques emulate pencil drawing, pastel and water color.

After working with the original image as a digital pallet, I create finished pieces on canvas, water color paper and other medium using acrylics applied by hand and pigmented inks applied with a Canon Image Prograph 8300 Plotter. I stretch my own canvas and matt and frame most images myself. This allows me total control of the creative process beginning with capturing an image to a full rendering on canvas or fine art papers.